Ever been in a situation where you’ve come up against a wall?

There doesn’t seem to be a way around, and you are ready to give up.

You just want to be still. Going forward takes so much effort.

You are tired.

On one hand, you tell yourself that there’s no harm in stopping.

But on the other hand, you realize that if you go just a bit farther,

You might win.

You might find relief.

Things might get easier.

Understanding the way to be steadfast no matter what

Is an important life skill

And something mentioned frequently by God in the Quran.

Come learn about how to be steadfast,

To move past the walls with confidence

With the help of God.

Register today.

Staying Steadfast

With Shaykh Jamal Zarabozo
April 28th 2:00pm EDT/ 7:00PM BST