Now that we’ve found Islam, we don’t want to lose our way.
We don’t want to make big mistakes learning wrong things.

Who do we listen to? What do we study first?

So many videos. Different channels, different speakers.
Can they all be good?
How do we weed out the good from the bad?

Trying to answer these questions as a new Muslim
can be so daunting, demoralizing, and disheartening.

Especially when you’re all alone.

But there is a way.
Learn about the path of knowledge

Others just like you have taken
After they accepted Islam.

New Muslim Academy has heard your requests for this topic,
And now offers you this live webinar:

A Convert’s Guide to Seeking Knowledge
What To Study First, and How to Do It
With Dr. Lawrence Brown

March 24th 2018
1:30pm EDT/ 5:30 GMT