Did you ever wish that you could have a knowledgeable teacher right with you, teaching you to pray?

Do you know how to pray properly?

Since the first thing we will be asked about in the next life is Prayer, we need to make sure that we as new Muslims are performing it correctly! For the first time ever, 8 students will have the chance to have a live, interactive Prayer demonstration + feedback from a scholar!

Register now to take part in this unique, live program that will:

  • Show you how to pray
  • Offer a chance for you to demonstrate prayer
  • Give you feedback and correction on your prayer
  • Improve and correct the way you pray

Our Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said, ‘Pray as you have seen me pray.’ We may have already seen a video, or read through a book in order to educate ourselves in this, the most regular and important aspect of our lives as Muslims, but we haven’t seen the Prophet pray. The only way to offer our 5-times daily prayer is to imitate the Prophet’s prayer exactly. The next best thing is our upcoming class, where you are taught prayer by a demonstration, and then corrected as you demonstrate your own offering of Prayer.

This treasured opportunity is only open to eight students, so be the first to sign up so you don’t miss out!

The class is offered online, Join Us This Month for a Special 4-Part Class
JAN 15th - Class One - The Importance of the Prayer
JAN 22nd - Class Two - the Actions of the Prayer
JAN 29th - Class Three - The meanings of the Supplications and Recitations of the Prayer

You will certainly need video capability with the device that you choose to use for the class.

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