Funerals: Regulations & Exhortations by Muhammad Mustafa al-Jibaly

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We inevitably go through a journey starting with this life, and extending into the grave, before our final abode in the hereafter. In the process, we pass through stages of sickness, death, and the intermediate life in the grave (al-Barzakh). These are the subjects with which “The Inevitable Journey” deals with:

This book is the third in the series. It deals with the actual occurrence of death, and all lessons and regulations relating to it. It includes a close-to-complete translation of al-Albani’s Ahkaam ul-Janaaiz. In addition, it contains extensive supplementary material, and an enhanced presentation with tables and diagrams, making it a useful handbook, reference, and source of admonishment concerning death.

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1 review for Funerals: Regulations & Exhortations by Muhammad Mustafa al-Jibaly

  1. Susette Jane (verified owner)

    A very important and must have book
    Full of important information and advice for us all for the inevitable ending
    Jazak Allah khair

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