Our Precious Sprouts : Islamic Regulations for Newborns

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Marriage holds a position of perpetual significance because of the central role it plays in human life. It is not surprising, therefore, that the scholars of Islam have discussed it extensively through the ages. Under the contemporary influence of non-Islamic cultures, however, misconceptions have crept into various areas of Islam – spilling into marriage, divorce, and other family-related matters.

Viewing the needs of the Muslims who live in non-Islamic environments, and realizing that most Islamic writings on marriage are restricted in scope, we find quite a large gap that needs to be filled for the benefit of the English-speaking Muslims – which is what we attempt to accomplish over the span of this 4-book- set that covers various aspects of marriage according to the authentic Sunnah:

As a logical continuation to the series, this book deals with the normal fruit of marriage: babies. It covers the Islamic regulations relating to a newborn. This includes welcoming the baby, naming it, shaving its hair, circumcising it, and slaughtering the sacrificial ‘aqiqah.

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