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This course has been prepared with a particular audience in mind, the new Muslim. It is dedicated completely to converts/reverts, those who embrace Islam as a way of life. It explains how Islam is the natural and pristine state that all people are created in, and the message of all the messengers of God throughout history. Additionally, this course sheds light on the universality of Islam and the expectations of new Muslims. It also highlights the important subject of how to properly approach and understand the Quran.

This course consists of recorded lectures and the option of live classes. You can go through the pre-recorded course videos and lessons below. The info for live sessions is below if you would like to join us for a live class.

Coure Teacher : Shaykh Ahmad Al Kurdy

Email id: [email protected]


Live Classes for this course take place at the following times. You can join to further understand the subject matter and have your questions answered.

Intro to Islam
Tues & Thurs: 9 pm, 9:30 pm, 10 pm (New York Time)


You can access your course book here:
Introduction to Islam Coursebook

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  • Thank you for this wonderful website. I have enjoyed learning so far. I have a question:

    If humans are all intrinsically good, what about those humans that, well, commit horrid crimes like rape, mass murder, and serial killers?

  • It’s more understanding and on point with the question

  • Thank you for this website. I have learned so much about Islam.

  • Omar Colley says:

    I learnt a lot from this website and now making good use of the knowledge gained.

  • Yusuf Sitima says:

    Masha’Allah. Truly Allah Is Great. This is absolutely amazing♥

  • Omar Colley says:

    Assala,alaikum, I finished all my lessons since last year and expecting my gift and certificates and still couldn’t log in to my account .please help me so that I can cpntinue …

  • hi brothers i got a quitstion to ask u guys:):):):)

  • I am not getting videos that why I am not able to give quiz.

  • Razia Hamidi says:

    I am sorry for the delay in the reply. Please send your questions to [email protected] and our helpdesk team will be happy to answer your question.
    May God bless you

  • Razia Hamidi says:

    I am sorry for the delay in the reply. Please send your questions to [email protected] and one of our instructors would be happy to answer your question.
    May God bless you


  • As salamu Alaikum sister Razia & NMA team
    Jazakallah khairan for encouraging me, el hamdoulilah.

  • Eve Jones says:

    Salam o Alaykum…was really beautiful and helpful…so clear and easy to understand and nice to feel understood and be helped.


  • Assalamum Alaikum

    I can´t access the advanced courses today. i was already finishing Introduction to Islam but today I couldin´t enter.
    i´m logged.
    There´s anything you can do?
    Thank you in advance

  • Should be noted that there are two extra sections to this course. Just sayin’. As Salaam Alaikum

  • Tina White says:

    Assalaamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh, jazakh Allah Khair, such a wonderful place for us new Muslim to learn , enjoying it very much ❤️

  • Paula Spart says:

    I’ve been told that music and dancing are haram. Does it say that in the Quran, Sunna, or Hadith? If that’s true then why do we have a variety of “Islamic” music ranging from Sufi meditation music to the Deen Squad?

    I’ve been told I have a beautiful singing voice. Why would Allah give me that talent if He doesn’t want me to use it of to listen to music?

    • Dear Paula Spart

      Welcome to NMA.

      Thank you for asking these questions.

      Please consider benefiting from the material that we have prepared.

      Do not overwhelm yourself with learning too many legal things about Islam. Take it easy. Sign up in our courses and follow the gradual process of learning that we have designed.

      Many of us have been exposed to so much information prematurely, which is detrimental to our spiritual growth. Many of us are struggling with more fundamental issues like the prayer. Some of us are rushing to learn many laws in Islam before we get acquainted with the Law Giver.

      Being the best you can does not mean to pressure yourself. We have to learn faith before we do actions.

      At this stage you and others should become more familiar with God. This comes by learning about Him, His names, attributes and actions.

      Please see this

      Another way for us to increase our faith is to engage the Quran.

      I do not think that it is healthy for New Muslims to be exposed to all the regulations of Islam all at once. Islam has to be learned at a gradual pace. That is why the NMA has been designed with a set curriculum. We do not intend to teach you all the regulations in Islam. In fact that goes against the tradition of the messenger which used a gradual approach in teaching his community who were all new Muslims.

      It is a fact that we can not censor others from sharing information with you or from limiting your own exposure to information. Many people tell you things that cause you confusion. Much of the information people get exposed to should not have been mentioned in the early stage of a person embracing the faith. Even if someone has been Muslim for many years, there is a proper way of learning the rules and regulations. It has to come from the right sources and be explained properly. Many people share information that is taken out of context. This is due to their ignorance of the tradition.

      We do not have a ‘one size fits all’ response and answer mechanism. Our tradition gives considerations to every individual circumstance and condition. That is why it is not healthy to get a general answer for a general question and run with it. It is not appropriate to use general answers to deal with specific issues.

      Many times, the well wishers whether born Muslims or other converts, mislead others due to not being versed in the tradition and not having the requisite knowledge to give sound advice and guidance. We are taught to ask the people of knowledge and the experts of the law. That is why we at the NMA have made ourselves available for you, to deal with your concerns and to give you sound information to the best of our ability.

      We all have to realize that the regulations and commands of God are a test for us. They are a part of this life which is a big test. God tells us that our very existence is a test. Our purpose of life is to worship God. I hope we can all remember the first command that was given to our father Adam and our mother Eve. They were commanded to enjoy the Garden and to stay away from only one tree. What was the reason for that command? Was it due to the fruit being harmful? No it was not. What we know for sure is that the command of God was simply a test. Like wise, all the regulations that we have are a test for us. In case we fall short and make poor choices, we can always return to God and repent to Him.

      Islam has regulations to help us control our desires because we are servants of God and He knows best what is of benefit and what harms us. As an example, we have to eat to survive. Islam does not forbid all foods, it simply has dietary restrictions while the majority of foods are still lawful. Sexual relations with the opposite gender is a natural thing for animals and humans. Islam does not ask us to be monks and nuns and to forsake marriage and family life. Islam has regulated this relationship and set guidelines on what is lawful and what is not. Every regulation in Islam is based on the wisdom of the Law Giver. Sometimes we do not understand the wisdom or may not be able to overcome out desires. We should realize our weaknesses and turn to God for help. We should not give up, keep trying and remain patient.

      Please take it easy and learn slowly. Do not overwhelm yourself by being exposed to too much information. Try to learn the basics and put them into practice. Make your growth a gradual process. We do not expect children in elementary school to know sophisticated math and science. As new Muslims we should not behave as if we experts or seasoned Muslims. If we have information overload we will overdose and it will cause us great damage spiritually. Sometimes this damage is so traumatic than many new Muslims lose faith and return to their old ways.

      Back to your questions…..

      I wanted to take this opportunity to translate two common words that we as new Muslims hear quite often. I hope this clears up any confusion caused by the use of Arabic terms without a translation.

      The two words are

      HARAM- this word means illegal, forbidden or prohibited


      HALAL- this word means lawful, allowed, or permitted

      We have to be careful when using the words Halal and Haram. These are very serious words.

      The issues you asked about related to recreation and leisure. Islam allows for us to be moderate in recreation and leisure and gives us general guidelines in these matters.

      As an example, it is forbidden to waste time in Islam especially if it means missing the obligations like praying and taking care of one’s family. We are also taught to be careful of being addicted to anything other than the worship of God.

      Music is a topic that many people are not clear about.

      As for music, it is something that has to be defined. Islam does not forbid, poetry or singing. What Islam does not approve of is the use of musical instruments and the singing of foul language or indecent concepts. We have to realize that music is something that is widespread in all societies, including societies with Muslim populations. Everyone loves to listen to music because it is something that is appealing to humans.

      The fact that music is so widespread all over the world, does not mean that it is something sanctioned in revelation and the religion of God. Every (man made) religion has music in their rituals, whether it is Judaism, Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, Sikhism, traditional folk religions of Asia, Africa, Europe and the Americas. Islam is God’s religion and it does not have music in its rituals. We have the recitation of the word of God, the Quran. We are commanded to beautify our voices when we recite it but we are not to use instruments in our worship. We are also promised beautiful music as reward in Paradise. We are also promised many other things in the next life that we are forbidden from in this life as a test. If we pass the test we will get the prize.

      Poetry, spoken word, singing are lawful forms of entertainment if the words expressed are positive ones and do not contain any immorality or indecency. Islam restricts the use of musical instruments as something that is not allowed. The majority of scholars of Islam throughout history held the view that musical instruments are forbidden.

      As for what some call Islamic songs, it is simply singing nice poetry with positive meanings. A famous reciter of the Quran has many positive songs with no musical instruments. His name is Mishary Alafasy.

      If any of you are interested to learn more about the topic of music and what the scholars of Islam say about it please read the following research. I am only sharing this as a reference for you.

      Although I provided you all with reading material, if it was up to me, we would not discuss this issue in such detail. We should all focus more on our relationship with God, our ritual worship and being kind to people, animals and our planet and less on entertainment issues.

      I want us to emphasize more of the fundamentals of Islam while slowly introducing Islam’s objective in raising people to a higher level spiritually (i.e., the objectives of Islam’s belief system). We should also work to raise our level physically (including cleanliness in its comprehensive meaning).

      I want us to focus more on ritual worship and the remembrance of God.

      Let’s learn about God, the Law Giver before we learn about the Laws.

      Let’s invest our energy and time in learning how to perfect the prescribed ritual devotion?

      Let’s talk about the meanings of the words we are saying.

      How about we make religious goals for the week, month, or year?

      What do you all say?

      God bless

      • Rick says:

        As Salamu Alaikum, I see this is an older message, but I like the idea of making goals, and learning more about the meaning of the words. I am excited to start putting what I’ve learned into action. I have an opportunity today as a matter of fact. I was just complaining to my wife yesterday that we don’t have the money to buy her Dad a birthday gift. Now, I am looking forward to visiting him on his special day and helping him out. And I’m sure we can find it in our tight budget to pick up a nice, meaningful gift for him that isn’t too expensive. Thank you again for this website. I have learned so much and am grateful! Alhumdullilah.

  • Thank you very much to NMA becaused I Learned a lot about Islam. Thank you for the knowledge.

  • Assalamu alaikum

    I am a returning student and i am trying to pick up where i left off but i can seem to find all my past courses that i completed. I also for got my password i was sent a temporary password how am i to set my own password


  • I love this course a lot…..

  • Thank you for dis very useful and meaningful video.i have too much learned for this files.. I am blessed coz i have dis opportunity to take and get chance to know more knowledge about islam..Alhamdulilah!.

    • Razia Hamidi says:

      As salamu alaikum, Laimelyn.

      Thank you for the kind words. We are so happy that you enjoy learning and that you are benefiting from our courses. You are doing a great job! Keep it up, my dear sister. May Allah bless you and make everything easy for you.
      If you have questions please email us at [email protected] and we will gladly assist you.

      New Muslim Academy Helpdesk

  • As salamu alaykum!

    I have learned much since my Shahaadah from this course. i give Allah praise for this. However, I see all the lesson checked off, but the progress bar is not full indicating that I have not finished this course. Is this a software error or something I am missing? Please let me know.

    • Razia Hamidi says:

      Wa alaikum salam warahmatullah, Cory.

      Upon checking, we do have a record that you finished four courses already. Yeah that is odd that it doesn’t translate to the progress bar. We will look into it, God-willing. Rest assured. You finished 4 courses in the academy. It is best if you finish all of them.
      May Allah make everything easy for you.

      NMA Helpdesk

  • Jazak Allah Khair i enjoyed your course

  • Satrina Shelton says:

    I’ve finished all the quiz and final test in introduction to Islam but it’s not showing that I completed them

    • Razia Hamidi says:

      Hi Satrina. As salamu alaikum.

      Upon checking, yes you’ve completed it. Now it’s time to proceed to the next one. 🙂
      Keep it up, sis!

      May Allah bless you,
      NMA Helpdesk

  • Sachin Surve says:

    I learnt a lot from this website and now making good use of the knowledge gained

  • Sashkia Balla says:

    Assalamu alaikum.

    I have completed all of the lessons in the class content but it shows nothing on the course progress bar. How should I fix this?


    • Razia Hamidi says:

      Wa alaikum salam warahmatullah, sister Sashkia.

      Thank you for your message here. Upon checking our records, you already finished this course, great job, sis!
      You can now proceed to the other courses. I am sorry that the progress bars shows otherwise.

      May Allah bless you,
      NMA Hepdesk

  • Russ Grant says:

    I had just finished about 5 or more classes and the website reset and now shows NOTHING.
    This is frustrating, disappointing and distracting to my study.

    • Razia Hamidi says:

      Hi Russ. As salamu alaikum.

      Our record shows that you finished up to lesson 8 of the Intro To Islam course. It is on our records and your efforts are not wasted. Keep up the good work, brother. You can now start on Lesson 9 🙂

      May Allah bless you,
      NMA Helpdesk

  • Russ says:

    Thanks for the update. The program has been very beneficial to my better understanding Islam.

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