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Worshiping Allah is the most essential part of one’s faith. This course begins by teaching students the procedure of purification (wudu), which is the key to prayer in Islam. Students are then taught the procedure of prayer (salah) with the help of a very well prepared video. The basic rulings of pilgrimage (hajj), fasting (sawm) and charity (zakah) are also explained throughout this course. Upon completion of this course, students will possess an understanding of the basic concepts of worship that are needed to be followed by every Muslim.

This course consists of recorded lectures and the option of live classes. You can go through the pre-recorded course videos and lessons below. The info for live sessions is below if you would like to join us for a live class.

Course Teacher: Shaykh Sajid Umar

Email id: [email protected]

You can access your course book here:
Worship Course Book

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