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Welcome To New Muslim Academy Forums What’s up for Ramadan? How's your fasting been going? Reply To: How's your fasting been going?

Rosalie Sugmayan

Assalumu alaykum waramatullahi warabarakatu.. i just share my first fasting when i becomes a new muslim.. that.. may madam.. say i try 1
Day fasting… Thin.. i forgot that even water dont drink… Ohhhhh my first day.. fasting.. i drink water… But after that messtaken..i always remember and pot on my mind.. that.. if u mestake 1 u must cosederd ur self that nextime u do better.. and be carefull and always.. remember that ur mestake.. dont not happend again… inshallah… Assalumu alaykum waramatullahi warabarakatu alhamdulilla