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Adab: prescribed Islamic etiquette – manners, behavior


Athan: the Muslim call to prayer


Akhira: the next life


Akhlaq: virtues, morals, manners in practice


Alhamdulillah: All thanks and praise is due to the One true God.


Allahu Akbar: God is greater


Allah Yashfeek: May Allah cure you.


Amanah: a trust


Ameen: “Oh Allah, accept.”


Anbiya: Prophets


Asma ul Husna: The Beautiful Names of Allah


Asr: the late afternoon prayer (one of the 5 obligatory daily ritual devotions)


Assalamualeikum: a heavy and serious prayer and our greeting as Muslims. Meaning: “May the Perfect One be with you – may God protect you.” Wishing safety and security upon the person you say it to. A commitment that the one you say it to will be safe from any harm from you. You will not abuse that person in any way (verbally, mentally, physically). 


Arafat: a valley near Mecca; a sacred site visited by the pilgrims


Awrah: refers to the private parts of the body that are to be covered.


Ayah: a verse of the Quran; also means a sign


Ayat: verses of the Quran; also means signs


Ayat Al-Kursi: Verse 255 of chapter 2 of the Quran, the greatest passage of the Quran. Translated as “The Footstool of the Throne,” it mentions Allah’s attributes.