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M Words

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Maghrib: Sunset, also name of the sunset prescribed devotion


Maqam Ibrahim: means station of Abraham. It is the stone on which Abraham stood while constructing the Ka’bah in Mecca. On being asked about Maqam Ibrahim, the Messenger Muhammad said, “The stone is the station of Ibrahim. Allah made it soft and made it a mercy. Ibrahim would stand on it, and Ismail would hand the stones up to him.” 


Marwa: one of two small hills in the vicinity of the Ka’ba in  Mecca; one of the hills that Hajar, the mother of Ishmael, ran between when searching for water for her and her child


MashaAllah: Whatever God wills


Masjid: mosque; place of worship for Muslims


Medina: City of the Messenger Muhammad’s migration; one of the sacred sanctuaries


Mina: a valley six km east of the Sacred Mosque  in Mecca. It’s where the Hajj pilgrims sleep overnight on the 8th, 11th, 12th (and some even on the 13th) of Thul Hijjah. The valley of Mina contains the Jamarat, the three stone pillars which are pelted by pilgrims as part of the rituals of Hajj.


Muathin: person who recites the call to prayer at the mosque or when time for prayer comes in


Mu’min: a true believer in God according to the teachings of His Messenger


Mus-haf: a hard copy of the Quran