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S Words

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Sabr: self-restraint/endurance/patience


Sadaqa: charity, donation for Allah’s sake


Safa: one of two small hills in the vicinity of the Ka’ba in Mecca; one of the two hills that Hajar, the mother of Ishmael, ran between when searching for water for her and her child


Sahifah: page or document


Salah: prescribed ritual devotion and formal daily prayer


SallahAllahu alayhi wasallam: When the name of the Messenger Muhammad is mentioned, this should be said. The meaning is: “May God’s blessings and protection be upon him.”


Seerah: stories of the life of the Messenger Muhammad


Shariah: body of beliefs and religious laws that Allah has sent down


Shirk: associating partners with Allah in anything that is exclusive to Him


SubhanaAllah: God is Perfect, free from all defects


Sujud: a position that consists of placing one’s forehead on the ground in worship


Sunnah: traditions and practices of the Messenger Muhammad


Surah: a chapter of the Quran