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Tafseer: explanation and commentary of the Quran


Tahajjud: voluntary night prayer


Taqwa: being conscious of Allah – knowing that He sees all and having that awareness and reverential fear


Taurat: the scripture sent to Moses, the Torah


Tawaf: part of the pilgrimage which involves circling around the Ka’bah


Tawakkul: the belief or acceptance of total reliance on Allah. Nothing can happen without His will.


Tawbah: the Islamic concept of repenting to God to ask forgiveness for any sins and misdeeds committed


Tawhid: Refers to the unification or oneness of God. It encompasses the monotheistic nature of Islam.


Tayummum: Spiritual cleansing using dirt and dust, which is a substitute for washing and bathing (wudu and ghusl) in the absence of water, or in situations where wudu is difficult to make or not possible.  


Thikr: remembering Allah and mentioning Him with words of praise and glorification


Thuhr: one of the five daily obligatory ritual acts of devotion; the mid-day prayer in the early afternoon