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Battling Loneliness During Ramadan

By June 16, 2017October 24th, 2017Blog

Battling Loneliness during Ramadan

Although Ramadan is known for those who are born Muslim as a time of community and family gatherings just like any typical holiday season, for the new Muslim it’s just not.

When you’re going through a test alongside someone else, it’s a bit easier. So, what can the convert to Islam do, on their own, to make Ramadan special?

Virtual Family

The New Muslim Academy forums are busy with activity all year. Why not join the discussion?  Great pains are taken to ensure that all students are converts to Islam, so you will be discussing Ramadan, breaking fast alone, predawn meals in secret and other topics with people that are going through the same struggles that you are experiencing.

Break Fast with a Lecture

Plan ahead, and look for a great lecture to watch or listen to while you eat your break-fast meal.  You will really benefit from listening to someone’s voice so it may as well be someone who is teaching you something new! Here are some recommended lectures:

“The Prophet’s Ramadan” series

“The Prophetic Day” series

“Building the Foundation” series

Be the Host with the Most

You could get rewards multiplied by hosting a dinner at your home, at which you break your fast with your family, co-workers or fellow students.  Everyone loves to eat! If you invite people to come and eat when you are having dinner, it will be a great way to introduce your new faith.

The charity that you spend on your family and neighbors is also greatly rewarded. Consider inviting a few non-Muslims, who are close to you, love you and accept you for who you are, over while you break your fast.

Have mercy on yourself and make it a potluck, explaining your dietary restrictions, and the time of day that you will be breaking your fast. The fastest way to a person’s heart is through his/her belly!

May God bless your heart with gratefulness and satisfaction in your chosen faith and Way of God, and may He ease your emotional hurt of loneliness this Ramadan.

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3 years ago

Ameen,my Allah accept our fast