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Build Your Faith While Alone

By June 7, 2017October 25th, 2017Blog

Build your Faith While Alone

Being in a group of Muslims remembering God can be a great boost for our faith. For those of us who are not blessed with the ability to mingle with observant Muslims and benefit from them, it can be a struggle to increase faith in our hearts. While some new Muslims have access to physical Muslim communities, many of us are on our own to seek knowledge without real life community. Many of us find other Muslims virtually but it causes so much confusion due to conflicting information and the vulnerability of not knowing who to ask and who to listen to.

You are reading this online, which means you are already aware of the programs that the New Muslim Academy offers for new Muslims.  We have a forum to which you can contribute your conversion story, introduce yourself, and take part in discussions.

The most important step to building your faith in Islam is finding a trustworthy, empathetic and qualified teacher.  The teachers at NMA specialize in your service and are wisely aware of the struggles you go through. Continue to come back to the site to voice your concerns. Chances are, other converts to Islam are wondering the same things that are of concern to you.

With NMA, your knowledge base is covered. You can also find an avenue for social interactions with others going through your struggles.

What we find when we look into building faith in Islam is that it is a solitary activity.  Our relationship with God is an intimate one which takes dedication and consistency to build and strengthen. Consider the following acts which can help you strengthen your faith in Islam on a  daily basis:

1.Speak to God regularly and ask Him for help
2. Try to be consistent in offering your prescribed ritual devotion
3.Open the pages of the Quran randomly and read the translation of the phrases therein
4.Spend time alone each day without distractions or noise, whether at home or outdoors, and contemplate your surroundings, considering that God put all of it in motion through His wisdom and mercy.
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Elif Alexandru
Elif Alexandru
7 years ago

Elhamdulillah this was just for me. Thank you for tips. May Allah swt make it easy for everyone and make us fast in His religion. Amin