Charity of Breaking Fast

By July 4, 2016Blog

Dear NMA family,

We wanted to remind you about the obligatory Charity of Breaking Fast (Zakat Al Fitr) which is due on Muslims and to be given at the conclusion of the month of Ramadan. Many New Muslims are not aware of this regulation although it is something that completes the ritual of fasting as it was prescribed by God.

This charity is to be given before the day of the Feast of Breaking Fast (Eid Al Fitr). It serves as a form of gratitude for the ability to serve God during the month, expiation of sins committed during the month and a way of showing compassion to those Muslims in need, so they enjoy he holiday like everyone else.

It’s significance:

1. It purifies the person who fasted Ramadan and cleanses him/her of indecent behavior and minor sins committed during Ramadan.

2. The Feast of Breaking Fast is a day of eating and drinking, as the month prior to it was one of fasting. This charity ensures that even the poorest of Muslims will partake in this outward show of festivity.

This charity is required of every Muslim who has a the means to a full day of food. You may offer it one or two days before Eid to insure that it is delivered to the poor in due time.

Who to Give It To? It is given to a fellow Muslim with limited financial means.

This offering manifests the importance of the social cohesion and well fare of the Muslim community. Due to the fact that many of us, New Muslims, are not in a close proximity to any local Muslim community where we can give this charity to the needy, it is best to designate a charity organization to give on your behalf.

One resource for you to donate online is Islamic Relief.

For further reading, the following two articles shed more light on the subject

May God accept your good deeds during this month.

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