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Good News for You, the Sincere Convert to Islam

By June 18, 2017October 23rd, 2017Blog

Good news for You, the Sincere Convert to Islam

Fasting takes practice. And a lot of energy. And self-control. Sometimes you can actually hear the argument that your stomach gives you when you fast!

God knows how hard it is for you to do what you do for His sake.  He knows your intention, and He will reward you greatly.

Converts to Islam don’t have nostalgia or family culture to comfort them during Ramadan.  They perform the prescribed ritual devotions, fast, read the Quran and offer prayers that are foreign to their own cultural customs and traditions.  They believe wholeheartedly in a Messenger that they have never even seen.

Did you know that the Messenger of God mentioned such people over 1400 years ago?

The Messenger of God once was with his disciples and said, “I wish I could meet my brethren.”

The Messenger’s disciples said, “Are we not your brethren?”

The Messenger said, “You are my companions and disciples, but my brethren are those who believe in me although they have never seen me.”

May God bless us to be among those people that the Messenger of God mentioned so long ago!

In the Quran there is also good news for the sincere new Muslim:

“Those who believe in God and His Messengers are the truthful ones who will bear witness before their Lord: they will have their reward and their light…”(57:19)

So take heart, and welcome this great news from the Messenger of God and the Quran that you are on the right path, and your reward is certain if you are sincere.

May God bestow on us sincerity and purity of intention, and the capacity to do all the good we intend to do in this month, and always!

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