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Empathy Towards the Poor

By June 29, 2016October 26th, 2017Blog

God Almighty says in the Quran:

“See how We have given some more than others–but the Hereafter holds greater ranks and greater favors” 17:21

In Islam, we believe that God has favored in provision some people over others, by giving them more wealth, blessings and gifts. This is a test for both, the rich and the poor. It is also a mercy and blessing in disguise from God. For those who do not have the material pleasures of this world, they will be recompensed with better in the Hereafter if they are patient during this test. It also stands as a test for those with material provision, to see whether they will spend from their money for the sake of God and if they will show empathy and compassion towards the poor and destitute. For those who share their wealth, they will be rewarded generously by the Most Generous Lord.

The month of Ramadan is the perfect opportunity to help the poor, as it is in this month that rewards are multiplied by great amounts. It is in this month that God’s mercy extends far and wide and is at hands reach. Therefore, the blessed month of Ramadan should be a time we empty our pockets by spending in the way of God.

The Prophet Muhammad (God’s blessings be upon him) was known to be the most generous of people. He was especially generous in the month of Ramadan, increasing in giving and sharing. Throughout his life he showed mercy to the poor and treated them with utmost kindness. He was near to them and there was no barrier between them and him. Through the many examples in his life, we learn that generosity and compassion towards those who are less fortunate can be displayed in several different ways. Let’s be creative in giving.

From donating money so that the poor can provide for themselves and their families, to going out of our way to purchase goods, food and clothing which can be donated to those less fortunate in the community. Perhaps even cooking a meal for them or sharing one’s breakfast meal with them. Whatever it may be, God is Ever Seeing and will not let any of these deeds go unnoticed. Our acts of generosity will be rewarded in manifold and multiplied in this noble month.

Empathy towards the poor also includes raising our hands in prayer and asking God Almighty to shower His mercy and aid upon the needy and to remove their poverty, bless their wealth and grant them ease in all their difficulties.

This is a responsibility that we owe our fellow brothers and sisters suffering around the world. Supplication to God for another individual is from amongst the best gifts that one can give! God Almighty will respond and grant you in return the same or more. The angels ask God to accept every supplication you make for your brother or sister in their absence and they also beg for you to have the same.

Let this month be a month where we give, give and give more. Let it be a time where we reflect upon the plight of people suffering in all corners of the world. Let’s raise our hands in prayer and supplicate for those who have not been blessed with the luxuries and wealth that we may live with every day. Let’s also extend our hands and spend in the path of God sincerely seeking His pleasure, and He will grant us much more in return.

Let’s be kind to the poor, and have mercy towards them. Perhaps, God will raise us in spiritual status and shed His grace on us. A single dollar is very precious to someone in need. Let’s not be stingy.

May God soften our hearts to give and share.

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