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Fasting at Work

By September 19, 2019Blog

Ramadan is the name of the Islamic month which Muslims fast. It’s very likely that this will come during your work year. We will look at things we can do to help us fast whilst working.

1.      The Islamic calendar is based on the lunar calendar and the sighting of the moon, and therefore moves ten to eleven days each year. Therefore, there will be times when Ramadan is in the summer and times when it is in the winter.

2.      In Ramadan, we fast the daylight hours. This means we refrain from eating, drinking and other things which are consumed such as smoking.

3.      Ramadan is also a time when we (especially) improve our character and refrain from bad characteristics such as lying and backbiting.

4.      It’s a good idea to start fasting during the month before Ramadan begins so that we can train our bodies to get used to the fasting process.

5.      You may find the first few days difficult but your body will soon get used to the new routine.

6.      It is highly recommended to have a pre-dawn meal. This is also a good time to drink plenty so as to keep hydrated throughout the day.

7.      If the fast opening time which is at sunset is during work hours, you can use your comfort break for this, or depending on your job delay your lunch break to this time. You don’t necessarily need to eat a full meal at this time, just enough to rehydrate and sustain yourself until you can have dinner.

8.      If at any point in this month you fall ill or travel you can miss that day of fasting. You can then make this day up after Ramadan.

9.      Pregnant and nursing women likewise have an exemption from fasting and make the days up at a later time.

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4 years ago

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