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How These 5 Messengers Excelled

By October 24, 2017November 30th, 2017Blog

How These 5 Messengers Excelled


When God gave prophetic missions to men on earth, He chose the best of humanity.

There have been numerous messengers throughout history sent to every nation and community. 35:24


All of them had extraordinary lives, and character. God gave preference to some over the rest. 2:253

The greatest five are called “The Ones with Strong Resolve” 46:35

They are all mentioned in one verse in the Quran:


“In matters of faith, He has laid down for you people the same commandment that He gave Noah, which is also what We have revealed to you, Muhammad, and which We enjoined on Abraham, Moses and Jesus….” 42:13


Here are some reasons that these messengers are the greatest of God’s emissaries :


    1. Noah: Noah preached on the earth to the descendants of Adam. His people had corrupted the original teachings of their father Adam and started worshiping idols along with God. Noah tried to bring them back to the worship of the One True God alone for over nine hundred and fifty years. Despite the insults and teasing from his people he prevailed. God saved him and his few followers from the great flood. A whole chapter in the Quran is named after him which describes his method of preaching to his people #71, also check out 11:25-49 He is called the ‘Second Father of Humanity’ 37:77

    2. Abraham: Abraham, for most of his life, was the only believer and worshiper of the One True God on the face of the earth. He challenged the paganism of his people and traveled in the land trying to spread the message of the worship of God alone. God tested him in every way, and he passed each test. God rewarded him with the status of being the ‘Loyal and Devoted Friend of God’. He is also called The Father of Prophets as many of his descendants became messengers of God. A chapter of the Quran is named after him #14.

    3. Moses: The most mentioned messenger of God in the Quran. There is so much detail about his amazing life in the Quran. From the time he was born to the end of his life. Moses was tested again and again and challenged the biggest tyrant, Pharaoh, to deliver a persecuted people, Israel. His people were very stubborn and caused him a lot of grief. God spoke to Moses directly, first commissioning him with his mission, and later, giving him the Torah. He is called ‘The One Spoken to By God’

    4. Jesus: From his father-less birth to his many fascinating miracles, Jesus’ ministry was packed with miracles. When he was a child he spoke of his mission and defended the honor of his mother who was accused of immorality. When he was older, he cured lepers, and those who were blind, and even brought a bird of clay to life as a real bird. He will return again to complete his amazing life, but his time on earth shows he is one of the greatest. He is called ‘The Messiah: the Anointed and Chosen Righteous One’ 19:30-39 and

    5. Muhammad: The final Messenger of God and the greatest of all time. He is the only universal messenger with a mission to all mankind for all times and places. 34:28 He was prophesied by all messengers of the past, most recently by Jesus 3:81 and 61:6. He took a backwards people who were deep into paganism, idol-worship and all kinds of sin and immorality and liberated them to be excellent worshipers of God alone, and the example of excellent manners and kindness for all generations to come. He is called ‘God’s Devoted Servant and Messenger’



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