Misconceptions about Adam and Eve

By September 20, 2018Blog

The story of Adam and Eve is also mentioned in Christian and Jewish traditions. However, there are some differences and certain misconceptions which Islam does not support:


1. Satan was a serpent – Satan came to Adam and Eve in Paradise and tempted them to eat from the tree. However, we don’t believe he came in the form of a snake or serpent.


2. Eve tempted Adam – Islam does not indicate that Eve was weaker than Adam or that she tempted him to disobey God. They were both responsible, were both rebuked by God and both repented to Him.


3. Childbirth pains are due to Eve’s sin – Islam does not hold that pains experienced by women during childbirth as a result of Eve tempting Adam to disobey God.


4. Original sin – Islam does not believe that due to this original sin committed by Adam and Eve, all their descendants are being punished. In Islam, no one bears the sins of another. God is fair and just, and He does not hold to account people who came millennia later for the actions and decisions of their ancestors.


5. God forgave Adam and Eve – The Quran is very explicit in that God forgave both Adam and Eve. Therefore, there would be no reason to hold them or their descendants responsible for eating from the forbidden tree.

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  • Salaam Alaikum. JazakAllah for this knowledge shared as it has been a question I wondered about and have been asked about as well. Now I have a better way of explaining this topic insha Allah if it is presented to me again.


  • Ivan (Ilyaas) Otterstrom says:

    Clear, crisp and to the point!

    I think it is important to understand that there was never a hierarchy – males were not ‘better’ than females.

  • Jad (Jack) Aman (Kissir) says:

    I love this teaching! It is truth. When I was a Christian I never believed in original sin. Just another reason for conversion for me. There are many reasons for my conversion.

  • Thanks for the Article. However what is the story of Creation according to Islam. I see more of what christians and judaism believe but what is our version. What is the story of Adam and Eve islamically?

    • Razia Hamidi says:

      Hi Zainab! As salamu alaikum.

      There will be a coming webinar for that. Please watch out on your email for the announcement! I can’t wait! It is very exciting!

      Thank you so much,
      NMA Helpdesk

  • Jeoma says:

    Thank you so much for this information. I never believed these things anyway and it is so good to know that what I felt in my heart was not right about the Adam and Eve story is not correct in Islamic belief.

  • Issadeen Ngesu says:

    I love this thank you.

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