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Become a Morning Muslim!

By September 26, 2017October 23rd, 2017Blog


People ask me:  What is the hardest change you had to make when you became Muslim?


Was it not eating pork?


Was it fulfilling the dress guidelines and covering in public?

Not at all.

Was it praying?

Yes. And no.


I had no issue performing my ritual devotions during the day when I was awake….

But the hardest thing I had to change about myself after accepting Islam was:

Waking up for dawn as that’s the first daily ritual devotion time.

I used to LOVE to sleep. LOVE.


Now, I am awake before my children each day, getting things done, especially since I learned this wonderful report from the Messenger of God:

He would make a supplication like this: “Oh God, bless the mornings of my community and make them productive.”


Here are some things that were the habits of the early Muslims:

  • Waking up in the early morning hours before dawn to reflect, remember God and recite scripture in voluntary night time vigils

  • Staying up after dawn, and taking a power nap in the afternoon

  • Beginning business and work in the morning

Honestly, when you become a ‘morning person’, you are more productive. I don’t need to quote all the self-improvement specialists about that. It’s totally self-evident!


The answer to that supplication by the Messenger of God is that our mornings are blessed if we take advantage of them.

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Dany Watson
Dany Watson
5 months ago

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10 months ago

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5 years ago

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MaShaaAllah good effort to write the blog. Thank you very much. JazakaAllah

Manzar Abbas
6 years ago

Ma sha ALLAH! Effective post. We should pray five time in a day. Jazak Allah God Bless you.

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absolutely right. Praying five-time daily is obligatory upon every Muslim and no doubt Fajar prayer is a bit hard to perform it but all Muslim should pray Fajar as like other prayers also.

Michael Ogle
Michael Ogle
6 years ago

As a father of 4 boys, i can say that the most onerous aspect of Subuh is waking surly adolescents and teens, who also cherish their sleep. Despite this obstacle, it is important to remember that as fathers and mothers, brothers and sisters (both biological and Ummati), it is our duty to set a good example through Sunnah. Children and teens both continue to learn by example, and Islam is conducive to perpetuating this behaviour. Alhamduhlilla! It does however require patience and a lot of Istighfar .

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Ma-Shaa-Allah good effort to write the blog. Thank you very much. JazakaAllah Khair,