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How the New Muslim can Celebrate Eid on Their Own

By June 22, 2017October 23rd, 2017Blog

How the New Muslim can Celebrate Eid on Their Own

How the New Muslim can Celebrate Eid on their Own

Sometimes you can be alone, in a room full of people.  New Muslims often feel like that, even if the room is full of other Muslims.  Sometimes it’s because the convert is the only Muslim in the room. This is a feeling new Muslims can have any time of year, but it can be especially challenging to feel this way on Eid Day as it is the day of celebration for Muslims.

A sister I met treats Eid like any other day. She doesn’t take off work, and behaves as though it is any other day. She attended the Eid congregation service, out of obligation, but felt out of place. She was single and not married with no family or loved ones among the Muslim community with whom to share the day.

I recommended that she at least go out for dinner, or treat herself out. This is, after all, a day we are commanded to eat and have fun!

New clothes for a new Muslim

It is encouraged to purchase and wear new clothing on Eid day for those who can afford it. This is a great time to get some new clothes. Even if you can’t get to an Eid congregation service, you will get a lift of spirits wearing something new.

Eid day without Eid Congregation

If you don’t live near a place that offers Eid congregation services for Muslims, or you just can’t go, you can still worship God on this day.  Remember God the best way you can during the day.  Thank Him for allowing you to reach the end of Ramadan, and beg him to accept what good you were able to do during the month. Renew your intention to keep up good habits formed during Ramadan.

Part of what Muslims do on their way to attend Eid congregation services is to make ‘Takbir’, which is a prayer for the glorification of God stating ‘God is greater than everything and anything’. Repeat this prayer as often as possible, beginning at sunset on the eve of Eid, all through the night until when Eid congregation service is usually offered, before noon. There are different forms of saying the prayer. The most complete form is “God is the Greatest! God is the Greatest! There is nothing worthy of worship except the One True God. God is the Greatest, God is the greatest, and for Him is all the praise.”

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