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Best Answer to non-Muslim Family about World Events

By July 23, 2017October 23rd, 2017Blog

Best Answer to non-Muslim Family about World Events

Best Answer to non-Muslim Family about World Events


One of the first things I did when I accepted Islam was to continue a family tradition of sending a newsletter to my family (yes, snail mail).  It was to inform my family members that I had accepted Islam. It was also an invitation to have them contact me when they had questions about Muslims or Islam, instead of going to news media or others who were not Muslim for answers.


This may have been ok in my situation (may not be wise for others to do) but it also opened the door for some of my family and their friends to forward me any number of weird news stories about crazy stuff happening around the globe.


Even the most intelligent and well-informed political analyst will get it wrong sometimes when discussing world politics. So it’s best not to go there at all. All you are responsible for is to be the best Muslim that you can be, to learn and practice as much as you can.


But sometimes those questions come, anyhow.


One of the main reasons that my mind was convinced about Islam, is because a tragic event occurred, and I got no satisfying answers from anyone, of any faith, until I asked a Muslim.  Without hesitation, she replied that God knows the reality of what and why things happen. Everything that occurs is according to His plan. Humans show arrogance when they assume that they know best or they have figured things out.


God is Perfect and flawless and His plan is what happens. This is such a comforting idea and gives us great relief. It reminds me of visiting a valley surrounded by mountains.

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