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12 Rights Due to Our Parents

By July 14, 2017October 23rd, 2017Blog

12 Rights Due to Our Parents

12 Rights Due to Our Parents

We all come into the world the same way: through our parents. This list will help new Muslims make sure they are giving their parents their rights.

    1. Dutifulness: Do things for your parents. Make sure that you are in their service to the best of your ability.  This includes physically helping them out at home, running errands for them, and calling them frequently to check up on their welfare.

    2. Obedience: Islamically, the age of 18 does not give a person the right to ignore the wishes of their parents.  We should obey our parents in everything they tell us to do, except those things that go against the commands of God. Obedience to God is supreme.

    3. Speak to them politely and gently: Imagine how you would speak to a famous world leader. Now speak to your parents in a better way.  Our parents cared for us when we were difficult to deal with, so if we experience some difficulty in caring for them, we should remind ourselves of this fact. Politeness and gentleness should flow through our speech to our parents.

    4. Humility: No matter how old or helpless our parents become, we must be humble when dealing with them.  We must always remember, as is mentioned in the Quran several times, the hardship that came with their care for us.  They gave up a lot of comfort, were humble and generous so we could survive.

    5. Pray for them: Pray to God for their health, their livelihood, and for their guidance in this life as often as you remember.

    6. Don’t curse or disrespect others’ parents: This may cause others to curse or disrespect your parents. Every parent deserves respect.

    7. Respect your parents’ their family, relatives and friends during their lifetime. Even after their death continue to show respect to whomever they kept in touch with and were close to. Keep in touch with and care for those special to your parents even after your parents pass away.

    8. Share good information: Anything beneficial you learn that can help your parents, you should share with them. This includes information about God and our relationship with Him. Offering this information in the kindest way as sincere counsel is a great good deed.

    9. Befriend your parents: Establish a closeness to them, which will increase your love and affection to them. Examples of this are to consult them and take from their life experience, and to give them gifts all the time.

    10. Be considerate of their culture and habits: There is probably a small fraction of the culture you came from that is opposed to Islam. Do not disrupt the habits and culture of your parents, and be considerate of their feelings.

    11. Changing the name your parents gave you is a huge insult to your parents. If you so choose, don’t use your new name around your parents.

    12. Invest in your parents: Try your best to bring joy to your parents’ hearts. Get to know them better to find out what is dear to them, and be creative in how you invest your time and energy in establishing a solid, caring relationship with them.






May God Almighty bless us with consideration and good manners in regards to our parents, the people through which God brought so much mercy and care, who cared for us and still do.

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ochens ronald bashir
ochens ronald bashir
6 years ago

i’ve learned alot after reading this
forsure some of then i did unknowingly
WITH THIS my niya in islam jst get further higher
may Allahu Akbaru bless this writer with wisdom