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5 Ways to Make Time for your Prescribed Daily Ritual

By September 15, 2017October 23rd, 2017Blog

5 ways to make time for your prescribed daily ritual


The prescribed ritual was the very first thing the messenger Muhammad was taught after receiving initial passages from the Quran.  


They take up, in total, approximately 30 minutes of your day.


Even still….


Those five can seem like a lot, when you’ve never offered them before.


You’ll see.


Taking a little time out each day for this course leads to a balanced, successful life.


Here are five ways you can make time as a new Muslim to offer the prescribed ritual devotion:


  1. Beg God to help you make offering the ritual devotion easy for you. God answers prayers and will facilitate things for the sincere servant striving to give Him thanks on His terms.
  2. Take note of the times, write them down, or set a calendar reminder through your cellphone or computer. Maybe download a call to prayer (Athan) app! Make a habit of offering the devotions as soon as you can within the prescribed time period.
  3. Begin rearranging your day to accommodate. The early dawn ritual will always mean waking yourself up, but the midday one can be made at lunchtime. Depending on your location, the late afternoon ritual can be made at breaktime or supper. The two evening rituals at sunset and night can fit around common leisure activities easily as you the day comes to an end.
  4. Brief periods to stop and offer the prescribed ritual devotions take up a  total of approximately 30 minutes of each day. When you are struggling to make them a habit, it may help to remind yourself of this fact.
  5. When you make God first, everything else will fall into place. God will reward you for your intention and your striving to be punctual and consistent, even if life doesn’t let you. Know that while God has commanded His devoted servants to perform this course of daily Thanksgiving Rituals, He is Merciful, All-Knowing and fully Aware of your condition. God does not burden us beyond our means. He gives us concessions depending on what we can or can not physically offer, and He always rewards generously those who struggle for His sake.


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