Prophet Noah’s Son

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One of the aspects mentioned in the Quran about the story of Noah is about his son. Noah’s son did not believe in God despite Noah’s best efforts. Ultimately we cannot control people’s hearts and it is only our duty to teach and preach towards God’s way. Once upon the Ark, God relays to us the conversation between Noah and his son, “…and Noah called out to his son who stayed behind, ‘Come aboard with us, my son, do not stay with the disbelievers.’ But he replied ‘I will seek refuge on a mountain to save me from the water.’ Noah said, ‘Today there is no refuge from God’s command except for those on whom He has mercy.’ The waves cut them off from each other and he was among the drowned.’” [11:42-43]

Noah called out to God for His help and to save his son, “Noah called out to his Lord, saying, ‘My Lord, my son was one of my family, though Your promise is true, and You are the most just of all judges.’” [11:45] God replied, “Noah, he was not one of your family. What he did was not right. Do not ask Me for things you know nothing about. I am warning you not to be foolish.” [11:46]

Noah immediately realised his error and that God is All-Wise in His decisions. Noah said, “My Lord, I take refuge with You from asking things I know nothing about. If You do not forgive me, and have mercy on me, I shall be of one of the losers.” [11:47] Even the Prophets of God must submit to Him. God places more importance on the bonds and ties of faith than blood, wealth or social status.

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  • Andrea says:

    Salam. Oh how wonderful! It really touches me, because I am torn between my faith and my blood, too. If I come out as a Muslim in public, I might lose my family. But I am afraid I have no choice.

    • Lisa says:

      Assalamu alaykom wa rahma’tullah wa barakatu, dear Andrea, I know it is hard, but I have found that Allah has tested me with the people around me, especially family, I still fulfill their rights, I try to make sure my mother is looked after, but I am ostracised due to my faith, and in a way, that just confirms for me that I’m not compromising my deen. However, it may be, that you may, by your continued good conduct, love and caring for your family, that you show them islam as it really is, and you never know, it may be written that at least someone from your family, will also embrace islam. May Allah keep you blessed in your jounrey, and always remember, Allah is always with us, always. If we are sincere for His sake, He will grant us peace in our heats. May you find that peace and be content with the decree of Allah azza wajjal. Ameen! Fi amanillah =)

    • Razia Hamidi says:

      HI Andrea. As salamu alaikum.

      It’s great to hear from you here. I am sorry that you are feeling torn right now. God-willing it will get better.
      Lisa is right. Allah sometimes tested us with the people around us. You know your family, if you think that they will react badly or they will be hostile towards you, you can try to find a better timing or better circumstance. For now, show them the beauty of Islam towards action. 🙂 Be extra extra nice to them. 🙂
      You can book a consultation with one of our consultants in the academy if you want. Just go to the consultation tab and choose a schedule that suits you.

      May Allah soften your family’s heart towards Islam and may He make everything easy for you. May Allah also reward you for your patience and good deeds.

      Take care,
      NMA Helpdesk

      • Andrea says:

        Salam alaykum dear sisters, I have to apologize for overseeing your kind replies. I am really sorry. Yes, you are right. My family is very critical, especially my younger brother. He is a busy, science believing Christian and tries to discuss religious issues with me. He thinks I am out of my senses. I don’t discuss religion with anybody. But there is good news about my mum: She said she is happy to see me believe in god at all, after so many years among atheists. She promised to take a look into the holy Quran. Alhamdulillah! She sees my change (“You gained some weight, but you’ve become so nice and tender”). Inshallah she will see the light of Islam, too. Take care, Andrea

  • Fatma says:

    As salami alaikum brothers and sisters, I’m new Muslim and take my shahada during Ramadan this year. I been dealing so many trials in life after I become a muslim, I know I’m losing my faith in islam but I still keep praying to be strong even I’m getting weak, All my plan for my life and for my better future, keeps failing and all those plans of mine was good intention not only for me but also to the people that I’m dealing everyday. It’s hard and its break my heart into pieces every time I failed and I don’t know what else I can do to make stronger more my faith even I can feel I’m losing it. Please tell me what else I can do?

    • Razia Hamidi says:

      Wa alaikum salam warahmatullah, Fatma.

      Thank you for writing here.
      Welcome to Islam and to the New Muslim Academy, sister. We are so happy to have you here.
      I understand what you are going through. Yes as a Muslim, sometimes our faith fluctuates and sometimes it is strong. That is why we need to keep on learning and understanding Islam. 🙂
      Just keep trying, sister. Don’t stop learning and don’t lose faith. Allah is with you are we are always here to support you.

      Take care, sister.
      NMA Helpdesk

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