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Some Ways to Get Sins Forgiven

By August 5, 2017October 23rd, 2017Blog

Some Ways to Get Sins Forgiven

Some Ways to Get Sins Forgiven

and to Erase the Aftereffects and Consequences of Bad Deeds


Did you know that the sound of a believer asking God’s forgiveness is very beloved to God?


The first way a believer can avoid punishment for committed sins and negate their negative consequences, is to sincerely ask God for forgiveness. Truthfully acknowledge the wrong that you have done, take ownership of it, have remorse and regret for it, and ask God to forgive you for having done it. Try your best to not return to that sin again by having the resolve not to relapse. Someone who has this habit is like a person who has never sinned.


God will either erase and/or conceal the sin when the believer asks God to pardon it. Out of His mercy, He loves to pardon those who request clemency.


When you perform good deeds, it eliminates the bad consequences for sins. The Messenger of God told us “Follow up a bad deed with a good deed and it will wipe it out.” So, for example, if you’ve said a bad word or cursed, repent, and say something good instead to wipe your slate clean.


Someone pious can pray for you and supplicate to God to forgive you. This can come into play when you request someone righteous to pray for you, but will happen more naturally if that person knows you well and keeps you in their prayers. That is why it is great to know good people who will pray for us especially in our absence. Their prayers to God may be a way for our sins to be forgiven, whether we are alive, or even after we have passed away.


The challenges of life can also be a means to expiate sins. God tests us through all the different aspects of our lives, to see if we are grateful. Tests remind us of the purpose of our existence which is to know God and to love Him through dedication and service. If these tests are passed through perseverance and forbearance any consequence of sins is avoided. This is not limited to the tests of life but continues after death.

Everyone is tested in their graves. The tests and trials of the grave and on the Day of Judgement are also ways that God can alleviate punishment for the believer. Sins are washed away by the difficulties of the grave, and the sweating, discomfort and waiting of Judgement Day.

That being said, God has no prerequisites to mercy. If God decides to have mercy on you, then He will, and that will be sufficient to keep the punishment for your sins far away from you.

God never tires of forgiving and pardoning our sins. It may occur to a person that it would be better not to sin at all! Consider this quote from the Messenger of God on the matter:

“If you people did not fall into sin, God would take you away and replace you with a people who would sin and then seek God’s forgiveness so He could forgive them.”

Let us always remember that God is forgiving and merciful and He loves it when His servants turn to Him in repentance.

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Ruth Thompson
6 years ago

Beautiful I love that he has mercy on us Allah the greatest