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Celebrating Eid

By April 20, 2023Uncategorized

The month of Ramadan ends when the crescent moon is sighted for the month of Shawwal (10th Islamic lunar month). The first day of Shawwal is the day of Eid al-Fitr (lit. the celebration of breaking the fast). This is a day of happiness and celebration for the achievement of fasting and devotion the previous month. It is forbidden to fast on this day. There are a number of important acts that you can do on this day:

  1. Before this day, ensure you have paid Zakat al-Fitr. This is a charity given in the last few days of Ramadan to the poor so that they too can celebrate Eid. You can pay this at your local mosque or via a Muslim charity.
  2. Once you have broken your last fast, the night of Eid begins. It is recommended to remember God from that time until the Eid ritual devotion the following morning. You should say, “God is Most Great, God is Most Great, there is none worthy of worship except God, God is Most Great, God is Most Great, and all praise be to God.”
  3. On the morning of the Eid, you should prepare for the ritual devotion with the Muslim community by:
    1. Bathing
    2. Wearing clean clothes
    3. Applying perfume (for men)
    4. Eating something before going to the prayer as it is not allowed to fast on this day
  4. Attend the Eid ritual devotion:
    1. This will be held at your local mosque or at another location which they will announce such as a park or hall.
    2. It is recommended for all Muslims to attend this ritual devotion.
    3. Women who are on their monthly cycles should also attend but do not take part in the ritual devotion, instead listening to the sermon.
  5. The Eid ritual devotion consists of two units.
    1. In the first unit, the imam will make seven extra takbirs (saying God is great) after the initial one to begin the ritual devotion.
    2. The rest of the unit is the same as any other ritual devotion.
    3. In the second unit, the imam will make five extra takbits (saying God is great).
    4. The rest of the unit is the same as any other ritual devotion.
  6. After the ritual devotion, the imam will give a short sermon.
  7. After this, the ritual devotion is complete.
  8. It is customary for Muslims to greet one another after the ritual devotion. You can congratulate others, and supplicate for them, such as by saying, “May God accept our good deeds.”
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Vusi Samuel Moreki(Huzaifah)
Vusi Samuel Moreki(Huzaifah)
1 year ago

Salaamalikum warahmtulahi wabakaratu brothers and sisters happy Eid-fitr,may Allah accept our good deeds

Lena Wayne
1 year ago

I’m so excited. I couldn’t wait to wish you a happy Eid al-Fitr! Happy Eid al-Fitr, everyone.

Mitanda Ismail
Mitanda Ismail
1 year ago

Wawoo eddi Mubarak fellow Muslims May Allah bless and reword us abundantly

Mitanda Ismail
Mitanda Ismail
1 year ago

When is the eddi day this year

(FATIMA) marilou moreno
(FATIMA) marilou moreno
1 year ago

EID MUBARAK to all my brothers and sisters in ISLAM.. May ALLAH(SWT) accept all our Dua’s and forgive all our sins…