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Divine Scriptures Mentioned in the Quran

By August 26, 2022Uncategorized

As Muslims, we believe in all of God’s scriptures that were divinely revealed to His Messengers throughout time. Although we may not know the name of each scripture, we believe in the original scriptures sent as God’s words. God mentions some of these scriptures by name in the Quran.

  1. The Scrolls of Abraham and Moses – mentioned at the end of chapter 87. The scrolls of Moses are different from the Torah. However, we do not have any further details concerning these scrolls. At the end of chapter 87, God mentions that “these instructions and stories that I mentioned to you are in the scriptures revealed before you,”  in the Scrolls of Abraham and Moses.
  2. The Torah – revealed to Moses. This is mentioned numerous times in the Quran, such as in 5:44. God refers to the Torah and the commandments being revealed to Moses. God also mentions how the children of Israel changed and discarded a number of those commandments over time.
  3. The Written Documents – given to David. God refers to the Written Documents on a few occasions in the Quran such as in 17:55. The Messenger Muhammad mentioned that David was known for his beautiful and strong voice which he would use to recite the Scripture.
  4. The Gospel – revealed to Jesus. The Gospel is mentioned in the Quran multiple times such as in 5:46. However, this too was changed over time and is no longer preserved in its original form.
  5. The Quran – revealed to the Final Messenger of God, Muhammad. The Quran contains God’s statements referring to the beauty of the Quran, its guidance and grace, the importance of reading and studying it as well as holding on to its teachings. The Quran has abrogated all previous scriptures and supersedes them. God has preserved the Quran until the end of time. All other scriptures no longer remain in their original form with God’s pure message. Parts have been changed over time with additions, subtractions and adulterations.
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Khadijah Benefield
1 year ago

Assalaamu alaykum. The other scriptures before the Quran were in doubt. I felt something was hidden because of the many changes and received no answers to my questions.. so I begin my search for the truth and I found it in islam. Alhamdulilah. The Quran holds the truth for this dunya and the hereafter

Jiena Taer
Jiena Taer
1 year ago


1 year ago

This is the ultimate truth..