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Just & Fair

By November 22, 2022Uncategorized

As new Muslims, most of the family we have are not. 

It’s hard to think about their eternal fate,

When they’re family, the one we’ve got.


Out of love and concern, a common question asked 

Can we pray for them when they die?

Is it ok? And what’s their fate? I want to pray for them. Can I?

Faith sometimes affected, 

Wrong information, misguided intentions,

Good hearted interjections

Result in confusion about all this,

A topic of emotional weight.


We should learn what Islam says about the matter 

before we formulate our opinions and get emotional. 

We should also seek guidance from God,

Instead of turning away from God.

On the contrary,

these types of questions should cause us 

to turn to God even more.


The first thing we have to realize in this discussion 

is that God is Just and Fair. 

He will not treat anyone unfairly or unjustly. 

This is part of our faith as Muslims. 

God is the epitome of fairness and justice. 

He has made oppression forbidden unto Himself. 

He does not allow Himself to wrong anyone.

“Your Lord will not be unjust to anyone.” (18:49)


The second thing to consider 

is that the fate of particular individuals in the Hereafter

is entirely up to God to decide. 

God will judge each individual according to His knowledge and wisdom. 

It is a tenet of faith adhered to by Muslims 

that no particular individual is ever to be declared 

a dweller of Heaven or of Hell, 

except for those few explicitly named individuals 

whose fates are stated in the text of the Quran 

or in the traditions of the Messenger Muhammad.


In 17:15 of the Quran, we are told 

“Whoever accepts guidance does so for his own good. 

Whoever strays does so at his own risk. 

No soul will bear another’s burden, 

nor do We punish until We have sent a messenger.”


God is telling us that He will not punish anyone in this life or the next 

until He sends them a messenger 

and they knowingly and willingly reject God’s Messenger.


A person who has never heard of Islam or Muhammad, 

and who has never heard the message in its correct and true form, 

will not be punished by God if he dies in a state of disbelief. 

God will test him on the Day of Resurrection.

if he passes the test, he will enter Paradise 

and if he does not, 

he will enter Hell.

God knows best about His creation, 

and He will not ever treat anyone unfairly.


Everyone who hears the message of Islam

in a sound and correct form, yet rejects it, 

will be accountable and have proof against him. 


As Muslims, we are restricted from praying for those who die as non-muslims –

Even if they are our loved ones. 

“It is not allowed for the Messenger 

and those who believe to seek forgiveness for those who associate partners with God, 

even if they are their close family members…”(9:113) 

The Messenger Muhammad was prohibited from praying for his own mother, 

as she was not a Muslim.


We are all going to be judged by our actions and beliefs. 

We are responsible for the choices we make. 

God is the most Just.


Everyone’s ultimate fate is only known to God, 

so leave it to God to decide 

as He is the Most Just and the Most Merciful.

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11 months ago

Allah swt knows best. Our knowledge of certain matters is the knowing of our Creator.

Sybille dubois
1 year ago

As Salaamou alaykoum wrwb, my understanding is that we can make the du’a of the Prophet Ibrahim (as) : “our Lord, forgive me and my parents and the believers the Day the account is established.” (And we all know about Ibrahim’s (as) father..) Also, i don’t understand the above explanation, where in Surat 9:113 does it say that the Prophet ﷺ couldn’t pray for his mother? His mother died when he ﷺ was 6 and the Quran was sent down much later? So she hadn’t even received the message of Islam and to my understanding, we can still pray for our deceased parents, especially the mother, but just not ask Allah to forgive them, only to have mercy on them… Or, forgive them the Day the account will be established. Allahu Alem.

Nalubwama Madina
1 year ago

Can I pray and ask Allah’s forgiveness on their behalf,and my prayer is answered

1 year ago

I don’t understand why we can’t pray for non-muslim friends and or family members who have died if they were never invited or taught the concept and given the knowledge of Islam

1 year ago

Can I still ask Allah for them to open their eyes to the truth?

Naseeb Bandari
Naseeb Bandari
1 year ago

Asaalam aleykum very enlightening