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Keep Going After Ramadan

Ramadan is a month in which we try our best to excel and do more. Inevitably, after Ramadan finishes, we feel a dip in terms of our worship levels. This is natural and nothing to be overly concerned about. A sign that our good deeds are accepted is that we maintain doing good after the season is over.  We should try to keep an element of our Ramadan worship going:

  • Salah – During Ramadan we try to be consistent in our obligatory daily Salah and offer voluntary Salah We should keep this up after Ramadan and try to offer some voluntary Salah such as the ones offered before and after the obligatory Salah.
  • Quran – During Ramadan we try to read as much Quran as possible and study it too. Keep up that routine. Set yourself a daily or weekly target in terms of Quran reading and study.
  • Supplications and Prayers – Ramadan is a time in which we often supplicate and pray to God, but God does not answer supplications and prayers exclusively in Ramadan. You should continue to call upon God with all your needs throughout the ye
  • Charity – Charity is common in Ramadan, as it is the month of generosity and giving. Yet poor and needy people exist throughout the year. Make it a regular habit to keep giving charity and helping the less fortunate.
  • God’s Forgiveness – Ramadan is a month to repent to God and seek His forgiveness. Yet we are just as much in need of this outside of Ramadan too. Make this a regular habit too.

These actions mentioned above don’t need to be in great amounts. The most important thing is consistency. The Messenger Muhammad told us that the most beloved deeds to God are those which are consistent, even if they are few.

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Madina nalubwama
Madina nalubwama
2 years ago

I keep on praying but only reading