Major Signs of the Day of Judgement

By August 5, 2019Blog

The major signs of the Day of Judgement are ten and will occur just in quick succession just before the Day of Judgement is established. These ten signs were mentioned by the Messenger Muhammad as being the Smoke, the False Messiah, the Beast, the Descent of Jesus, the emergence of Gog and Magog, three landslides in the east, west and in Arabia, the sun rising from the west and the fire which will take people to their place of assembly.

We will look at a couple of these major signs in slightly more detail. The False Messiah will come and claim to be god by testing people and oppressing them. He will travel across the earth demanding people’s obedience, and he will reward those who follow him while punishing those who refuse to accept him. The Messenger Muhammad described him as being one eyed and a liar. The believers will recognise him for who he really is.

The False Messiah will gather a large army with which he will fight and oppress people. It is at this time that God will send down Jesus and he will fight the False Messiah, eventually killing him. The return of Jesus is from the major signs of the Day of Judgement. Just before the Day of Judgement, the sun will rise from the west instead of the east. The last of the major signs is the fire which will rage and burn, driving people to their place of assembly where the Day of Judgement will be established.

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