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What God Says About Ramadan in the Quran

God mentions a number of points concerning the month of Ramadan in the Quran:

  1.  In 2:183, God commands us to fast the month of Ramadan. He also informs us that fasting was prescribed upon previous messengers and nations.
  2. In the same passage, God mentions that one of the major objectives of the ritual of fasting is the attainment of mindfulness of God and piety by following the commandments and staying away from the prohibitions.

  3. In 2:184, God informs us that Ramadan is a limited number of days (one lunar month). Furthermore, those who are unable to fast, such as the sick and travellers, may break their fast for those days, and then make them up after Ramadan when they are able to.

  4. Those who are permanently unable to fast at any time of the year are able to feed one poor person for every day missed as a substitute for fasting. This would apply to those with long-term illnesses or the elderly and infirm who are physically unable to fast.

  5. The points above show that God wants to facilitate matters for us and not make things difficult. God has given a means of earning favour with him for those who have valid excuses not to fast.

  6. In 2:185, God informs us that the month of Ramadan is when the revelation of the Quran began.

  7. God commands us in this passage to glorify and praise Him, and show thanks and gratitude for the guidance He has given to us in enabling us to worship Him.

  8. In 2:187, God tells us that the time window of fasting is from dawn to sunset each day of Ramadan. This is from God’s mercy as it allows us to eat, drink and be intimate with our spouses during the nights of Ramadan.


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Ibnohajar Binang
1 year ago

Ramadan is where we can feel how it is hard cannot eat in a day. Poor people are hard in their lives. Let us sympatize with them.

Hassan yves
2 years ago


2 years ago